Sunday, August 20, 2006

Slowly Rebuilding

As you can see, I'm slowly rebuilding the blog. Actually, it's kind of fun, plus I'm learning a bunch of stuff. I have a new Firefox button, restored the WWOZ button, go & donate y'all, then listen. The Sitemeter stats are now at the bottom of the page. I have requested the code for the Drinking Liberally button, plus I also requested that we become "official", we'll see. Later, gator.


pissed off patricia said...

Good luck! Thinking about and doing that sort of thing makes me go crazy. I just try to keep everything as simple as possible. Just like I treat my brain. :)

Spadoman said...

Re-build looks good. Now, teach me how to link with one word like you do. I am an idiot.

But I think of you often, like when I saw this New Orleans Katrina realted post:

Spadoman said...

Spadoman disclaimer:

No relation between "I am an idiot" and "I think of you often"