Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hey, Hey All You Ashland, Wisco, Progressive Politicos

Wellstone Action
has a five step program for winning. We need more progressive voices on the city council. Neighbor to neighbor sounds about right. Do it!
As the 2006 election season ramps up, one crucial tool in electing progressive candidates and winning on issues is the ability to organize communities on a local level to become engaged in the process.

A neighborhood voter contact program is just that – a plan implemented by a campaign, organization, or grassroots group to register voters, identify supporters, recruit volunteers and get out the vote. However, a good precinct voter contact program utilizes local talent from specific communities at the precinct level to surface new leadership, develop a long-term infrastructure, and build the base. Well organized, a precinct voter contact program also saves your campaign precious resources – time, money, and people – by spreading the responsibilities for contacting voters over many volunteer leaders responsible for small universes and centralizing that information at the campaign level. In this way, your campaign is able to have the necessary conversations with voters while also being better connected to local issues and intelligence through your precinct leaders.

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