Friday, August 11, 2006

Here's An Example

This article is a prime example of what's wrong with the press' attitude toward Bu$hCo. Early in the article the author, Michael Abramowitz, says this:
The Bush administration has begun sounding out lawmakers and other key figures about mounting a new bipartisan effort to rein in the costs of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security after the midterm elections, according to officials in the administration and on Capitol Hill.
Emphasis mine.

The paragraph suggests that their are Democrats out there willing to work with Bu$hCo to deny benefits to the least among us. How do you "mount an effort" without the troops ready to do the mounting. Please godless liberals, take your minds out of the gutter. Then later, while finally quoting an actual Democrat:
But he voiced skepticism that Bush was genuinely open to a bipartisan approach, saying the administration is continuing to push proposals that would dig the country into deeper debt, such as a cut in the estate tax. Speaking of Paulson, Conrad said, "I think he's a very sincere fellow -- I don't think he's in charge."
Emphasis mine.

So, we have Bu$hCo trying to "mount an effort", but a key figure, a Democrat, clearly feels Bu$hCo is lying. If Mr. Abramowitz has information that would lead us to believe there is a bipartison effort out there, I suppose Holy Joe would be in there somewhere stabbing the Democrats in the back, well, let's see it. Otherwise, don't say it.

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