Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Prosser Is Walker - Vote Kloppenburg

Good information at this website.  Prosser is much worse than most people realize.  He must be defeated.  Vote Kloppenburg.
Even though judges should be impartial, a Prosser press release promised that he would act as a "complement" to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the Republican legislature. When his top aide was asked to explain his statement since judges are supposed to be independent, he said Prosser's ideology "closely mirrors" Walker's. Not surprisingly, when Prosser and Walker served in the state legislature together, David Prosser and Scott Walker voted the same way 95% of the time.
Prosser refused to prosecute a Wisconsin priest even though he had evidence that the priest had sexually assaulted three boys. As a local DA, Prosser didn't interview the priest or have the police investigate. Instead, Prosser met with the local bishop and they agreed to send the priest to another parish to prevent the church embarrassment. Prosser even told the victims' mother that he didn't want to prosecute the case because the priest's brother was a "celebrity" because he appeared on the Lawrence Welk TV show. The priest abused more victims for years, but was eventually convicted in the original case that Prosser refused to prosecute.
What a guy, eh?  My emphases.  Lawrence fucking Welk?  That's grounds for imprisonment in my book, eh?


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So's your old man. You should capitalize your word "idiot", you know, or are you too fucking stupid to know that?

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I must add this to my previous comment: if Anonymous was referring to Prosser when he used the word idiot, then I agree & do humbly apologize. Prosser indeed is an idiot.