Thursday, March 31, 2011

More On Sean Duffy Singing The Finacial Blues

Here's a rundown of Duffy's debt.  That little vacation home in Iron River, Wisco, must  be quite the little cabin.
They also own a 2-bedroom cabin in Iron River. That house is valued at $229,000.
A $229,000 cabin!  See what I mean.  I don't think the debt load Mr. &  Mrs.Sean have racked up is a very good example to his constituents, plus think of his children, what must they think.  The main point, of course, is that Duffy makes 3 to 4 times the average income of a Wiscoite, while supporting policies that would make his constituents even poorer.  What a Dick.  You also get a bonus video of Mrs. Duffy, you know, the stay at home mom, talking about flying food into Wisco since, well, she lives in Wisco.


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