Monday, March 21, 2011

Carlton County, MN, Central Labor Body Passed A Great Resolution

Here it is in its entirety. They are all my emphases.

Carlton County Labor Body resolution on Wisconsin:
March 7, 2011

Whereas: Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has proposed a “budget repair” bill that will cut the wages and benefits of public employees, and restrict the right of collective bargaining for certain public employee bargaining units.

Whereas: Wisconsin public employee union leaders have consistently conceded to the monetary demands of the bill, but insist they must be permitted to retain the right of collective bargaining. Governor Walker has refused to negotiate, leading any reasonable human being to conclude that the budget repair bill has absolutely nothing to do with the financial shape of the State Of Wisconsin, and is rather, designed to cripple in numerous ways, the efforts of regular working people to retain a living wage and a just standard of living.

Whereas: Section 44 of the bill, also provides for public assets such as power plants to be sold off in secret “no-bid” contracts, potentially rewarding corporate contributors to the political party in power.

Whereas: Section 49 of the bill provides for the removal of people from the medical assistance program and would give the Secretary of the Department of Health Services emergency rulemaking authority to circumvent existing state laws on BadgerCare;

Whereas: The only successful strategy in delaying a vote on this bill has been for 14 Wisconsin State Senators to flee the senate, denying the necessary quorum.

If only one of these Senators returns, a vote on this devastating bill will be held.

Whereas: Regardless of union affiliation, tens of thousands of Wisconsinites, their families, and supporters have converged daily for three weeks on the Wisconsin State Capitol to protest the bill. These demonstrations have largely been ignored, trivialized, and even demonized by the corporate “for profit” news media.

Whereas: Governor Walker, frustrated with his own losing strategy and inability to force a vote on this issue has resorted to childlike and improper schemes to lure the 14 Senators back, has finally crossed the line with a plan to layoff thousands of public employees. In response to all of the abuses and threats, the South Central Federation of Labor has urged for preparations for a public employee general strike!

Therefore, let it be resolved: The Carlton County Central Labor Body, of Minnesota, with jurisdiction in two MN counties bordering Wisconsin, comprised of men and women with a proud tradition of Solidarity and resisting social injustice do hereby:

Condemn the Wisconsin “budget repair” bill as a fascist tool to increase the severity of wealth disparity between the economic classes. (make the rich richer, and the poor poorer)

Proclaim Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his majority party leadership to be union busting stooges of the financial elite.

Urge Wisconsin voters to recall Governor Walker, recall WI State Senators Sheila Harsdorf, Randy Hopper, Mary Lazich, Alberta Darling, Luther Olsen, Glenn Grothman, Dan Kapanke, and Robert Cowles.

Advise every working family in the upper Midwest that if this bill passes it will have a negative impact on their standard of living, regardless of union affiliation or the state they reside in. The passage of this bill in Wisconsin will encourage similar philosophy and legislation in neighboring states.

Proclaim the 14 Wisconsin State Senators who have now been away from their homes for almost 3 weeks to be American Working Class Heroes.

Urge that every poor and middle class person, and every union local, prepare to come to the aid of striking workers with any or all material and or moral support they can garner, should a general strike in Wisconsin occur.

Resistance is not futile !

In Solidarity,

Mike Kuitu, President
Carlton County (MN) Central Labor Body

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