Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poor Poor Pitiable Sean Duffy - Part Deux

This story, you know, the one where the ReThug Congressman complains about living on $174,000 of taxpayer money plus benefits plus a nanny(!) is getting some righteous coverage.  & Sean Duffy deserves every minute of this coverage, after all, he's a dick & I still wonder whether he inhaled on that Ferris Wheel up in Winnipeg, he won't answer my question & I've asked it several times.  I suppose I'm just trying to make cheap, political points.  & the coverage gets better.

Take this, Sean Duffy, you liar, but a poor, poor liar.
Hey all you Starbucks Baristas! You burger flippers! You cleaning ladies!

Back when my life didn't totally suck.
Things could be worse.
You could be me, Sean Duffy of Wisconsin, and have the shittiest, lowest paying McJob with benefits that suck.
You could be a member of Congress, like me.
So my life totally rocks, right? I’m a big deal TV star from Real World: Boston and a champion lumberjack and everyone loves me. I get to keep coming back on Real World and getting more famous, and I landed that really hot Rachel babe from Real World: LA, and we settled down and started making babies like a motherfucker. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love big families. I have ten brothers and sisters myself and everyone has to wear name-tags at Thanksgiving.
So then this old dude in Wisconsin gets appointed to the state Supreme Court and the Governor appoints me to this sweet gig as a DA in Ashland County. Pay’s good, benefits are great, and Rachel keeps popping out babies. And get this: no one even bothers running against me and I cruise to re-election four times!

Go read the rest, it's great.

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