Sunday, March 13, 2011

Whoops, I Forgot One, But Lucky For You, My Loyal Five (Yes, 5!) Readers, There Is A Link To Some Damn Fine Video


Here's a photo I forgot to post in the previous post, or something like that.  We are climbing a public walking path to get to the lake side of the restaurant where the cowardly, shameful, ReThugs were listening to the liars Walker & Fluffy.  It was fun demanding that these two "tear down this curtain."  Although the chickenshits didn't do it.  Oh well.  The police guy, actually a game warden from the DNR was closest to us & he was awfully nice.  He talked about how he & his colleagues are in the same boat, i.e.,Walker doesn't much care about them either.  I wish I would have taken his photo.  It could have gone into the collection of public employees doing their job in spite of Walker's disdain. & the State Patrol, actually Walker's private police force/palace guard are true bottom feeders, what disgusting hypocrites.

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Grammy said...

I think it is amazing that you are standing up for your beliefs. I am normally alone in my fights. so even though your crowd is small it is still stronger than 1.