Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Here's A Comment On A Piece On Wisco Senate Leader's Wife's Pink Slip

Ryan Poortenga 08:04 PM on 2/26/2011
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Her first teaching job was as a science teacher at my high school when I was in the 10th grade--she seemed like a real dimbulb who didn't actually want to be there but she was always well-dress­ed so hey, I guess the aspiring-p­olitical-w­ife side of her was always there...

A science teacher? Heh, no wonder she became a counseor, ReThugs don't believe in science. Wait a minute, they don't believe in counseling either, what the fuck's going on here?


nonheroicvet said...

Probably counseling about hair growning on the palm of the hand or going blind.

coldH2O said...

Excellent insight, nonheroicvet. & thanks for all your commenting. It does help keep me relatively upright.