Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OK, My Loyal Four Readers

Time to think, act, & do locally. Thanks to "anonymous" you have the chance to further expose the ReThug, TeaBagger, plus other anti-democratic forces who are attempting to suppress the vote in Wisco. & of course, the vote they are trying to suppress is ours. Go here to save Wisco from these worthless bastards trying to keep some of us from voting. I, of course, have already done so & nothing has happened to me yet. Of course, I haven't awakened from tonight's sleep yet, but I expect to do so. & while I know it's economically tough out there for all but the wealthy, see if you have a bit to spare for this good cause. Thanks in advance, you're the best four around.

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Anonymous said...

Your four loyal readers need to see this.



Sean Duffy was a NO Show!