Saturday, September 04, 2010

Labor Day 2010

Here's why we have unions:
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.

The Pullman Strike.

The Bisbee Deportation.

Via the lovely & talented Roy Edroso. Go read the post, there's some truly unknown facts about the labor movement via the idiotic & really bad cheerleader Michelle MalKKKin. Truths like this:
* Miners are also known for getting stuck in holes and dying in a deliberate attempt to drum up support for Big Government, whose resources are wasted in getting them out. Comes the day of the Randian superlegislators, miners will not get such handouts, and will be required to pull themselves out of their so-called "cave-ins" (reminiscent of the "love-ins" of the 1960s) by their own bootstraps.
Of course, there are many other examples of brave women & men & children -
The Ludlow Massacre, where the Colorado National Guard, under the employ of the Rockefellers, murdered 19 people.

1941 Strike at River Rouge Plant.
The are many many more examples. With the Intertubes it's easy to find them & fun too. Anyway, have fun, hope the weather where you are is fine, & remember, if you like this or any other weekend, thank a union member.

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