Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chequamegon Bay Smallmouth Bass Fishing Government Regulations At Work

This article in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is a great example of how stiff regulation can produce a thing of beauty & fun & grace & truth. As my friend Roger La Penter of Angler's All said:
"This is close to perfect smallmouth habitat," LaPenter said, noting the maze of sloughs, rocky points and other structure that makes Chequamegon unique. "It didn't take too much to know that if we gave them a chance they would come back."
The regulations, started in 1994, are severe - one fish per day, & that smallmouth must be 22", yes, 22" long or longer. Let just say that this regulation has been successful, since the average size of a smallmouth bass in Chequamegon Bay is just under 18". That's a nice smallmouth. My only complaint with this article is Mr. Brosdahl's depiction of a fish he caught as a "pig" - he clearly didn't mean that in terms of a pig's intelligence, a pig's taste at the table - no, he meant it as a macho, pejorative - the fish was fat, big, whatever. I find it really offensive when people do this sort of thing & I wish "professional" fishermen would refrain from using descriptive language like this. It does nothing to aid the regular, non-fishing public in looking kindly on us, the outdoor sportsperson. It's much like the two bear hounds that bounded up on my deck this morning. One was at least friendly & let me pet it, but if I could have found the owners of these dogs, I would have ripped them a new one for not having their dogs under control. I hunt birds with a pointing dog, but I have real problems with bear hunters using dogs. I'll get into that at some later time. Just remember, loyal four readers, that the moron TeaBaggers would want to eliminate the fishing regulations in regards to the Chequamegon Bay smallmouth bass. & we all know how well voluntary regulations work, they don't.

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