Thursday, September 23, 2010


This is, dare I utter the word(s) groovy, cool, right on!? This notion that somewhere there exists a population of righteous moderates is & has been baloney for about as long as it has existed. It's just a smokescreen for people to hide behind when they think they have a business to protect, a reputation to protect, in other words, people who may actually glimpse the truth now & then, but are scared to death to proclaim it.
There’s no inherent virtue in political “moderation.” The “moderates” weren’t the ones who were right about whether we should have marched into Iraq; it was the so-called extremist peaceniks who had it right from the start. The “moderates” aren’t the ones who are right about the priority we should be giving to the threat of global climate change; again, the people who are correct on this issue are labelled as “extremists.” And contrary to Jon Stewart’s foolish assertion, while it may be “moderate” to reject charges that the Bush Administration committed war crimes, it’s also wrong. Because in fact they committed war crimes. (Nor are the current administration’s hands much cleaner on this score, and those who point this out continue to be marginalized.)

My emphases.

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