Thursday, September 09, 2010

OK, My Loyal Four Readers

I really need you to take ACTION regarding these genetically altered salmon, or Frankenfish. Noticed I capitalized ACTION, I know, I don't mean to scream at you four, but this is something very close to my heart. Salmonids are the most beautiful of all fish, & IMHO, the best tasting. This stupid company altered these magnificent fish so that they eat all the time, therefore grow large fast. If you notice in the message you will be sending, these fish contain a bunch of bad stuff, the least of which is that they are not real salmon. I certainly support alternative methods of feeding the world, but this sort of "research" is just beyond the pale, why do this? Ah yes, the free market to develop shareholder value. I want these guys to stop fucking with the natural life of these fish, all fish for that matter. So my loyal & beautiful & intelligent & moral & well, just great readers, do your part to keep wild salmon wild & these frankenfish an idea on a scifi writer's desk.

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