Monday, March 02, 2009

Is This A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

Who knows? I remember when Nixon's criminal acts caused the Dow to tumble from 800 to 600. I'm not an economist nor have I even had a modicum of economic experience, but 800 to 600 seemed like real money to me; today, I have no idea what 7000 even means.
A staggering $61.7 billion in quarterly losses at insurer American International Group Inc. touched off fresh fears about the health of the nation's financial system.
We, I mean all of us normal, liberal folks, are going to dump another $30 billion or so on AIG, that's in addition to the $150 billion we've already dumped into this company (?) that is too big to fail (?). Man, I only need a hundred thousand to make sure I don't fail. Maybe, $34,000.


Anonymous said...

Thirty four Gs would buy a pretty nice boat - way to stimulate the economy!

Anonymous said...

Ricks getting a boat?