Monday, March 02, 2009

Not Good, Not Good At All

Looks like Pres. Obama has a huge problem, the economy, & he has NO ONE who can or will do the job of fixing the problem. Nationalize banks? Hell, yeah. Frankly, even someone as economically ignorant as me understands that to nationalize does not equal going to hell. I must confess, however, I don't believe in hell & I been a big-time fan of nationalization of lots of stuff since, er, um, 45 years ago or so.
And we have the spectacle of James Baker — James Baker! — attacking the Obama administration from the left, calling for temporary nationalization of zombie banks as part of the recapitalization process.

The sickening feeling of drift — the sense that policymakers are refusing to face hard facts, and are dithering while the world economy burns — just keeps getting stronger.
The fact that the Bu$hCo fix-it snake, James Baker slithered under the door to criticize Pres. Obama, & then be correct in his criticism makes me pissed off, royally. It's too bad, since Pres. Obama understands that he won. Caution, the last link to the pretty worthless Wall Street Urinal. Yeah, yeah high school for sure, I don't really care since it really is a urinal. My emphases.


Anonymous said...

So what is your opinion of the deregulated, free market paradise left to us by the George W Bush/Rush Limbaugh/Republican administration?

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful thing to behold.