Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Probably Too Little Too Late

But go sign the petition. We are still searching for accountability, aren't we? This inside economic game, & sadly the people who brought us to this point think of it as a game, must stop. The incestuous relationships between certain media types, the (non)regulators (this will hopefully change soon), the government, & the political parties, yes, the Dems also need to take ownership of this disaster, has nearly destroyed our economy, in fact, the jury is still out on the ultimate outcome. Jon Stewart's wonderful vaporizing of CNBC & the loony Jim Cramer is exactly what the Justice Dept. ought to be doing - take the thieves, those who don't care about America, down & provided them a ride to prison. It's time for some justice, please. No more extolling business as some sort of savior. No more bonuses for people who fuck-up. (This will be another embarrassing part of Bu$hCo's legacy - no accountability, no transparency, & then rewarding the incompetent.) Y'all can see the complete phaser on maximum interview with Cramer here.

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