Friday, March 27, 2009

"...lingering legacy...."

The monstrous aftermath of Hurricane Katrina continues to destroy lives. This is why Bu$hCo is the worst president ever. I would also wonder that the folks suffering the heart attacks & their families feel the lingering aspect of Katrina in the same way as Bu$hCo, my reaction is that it is not even close.
In the two years after Hurricane Katrina pummeled the New Orleans area, Tulane University doctors found a threefold rise in heart attacks among their patients, and they put the blame on continuing storm-related stress, according to a study to be presented Sunday.

Calling this sustained rise in heart problems part of Katrina's "lingering legacy," researchers found these patients showed post-storm increase in factors that are evidence of stress, including homelessness, unemployment, loss of insurance, smoking, poor eating habits, failure to take prescriptions and living in temporary housing such as FEMA trailers.

Living under such conditions "creates a high stress level," said Dr. Anand Irimpen, a Tulane cardiologist and one of the investigators.

My emphases.

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