Tuesday, March 31, 2009


While I realize that my many health care providers have a lot on their plates, I have often wondered whether or not they have every had a conference call concerning my effed up body.  I sure wish they would, since I often feel much like the folks cited in this piece. Am I being a complete fool in hoping for this sort of medicine? I suppose.
The default position is to treat complicated patients as collections of malfunctioning body parts rather than as whole human beings.

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Barb Spado said...

ahhhh! death care providers, I mean health care, sorry! You know it's one of my favorite subjects to rant about. I get so po'ed at the way people are treated by providers. Who gives a shit if they have a lot on their plates, maybe they should take less from the buffet. I get especially mad when people I care about (yea you) aren't taken care of the way the need to be and deserve to be. If you would like we can occupy their offices until we get what we want, or get arrested!
Best to you and those you love,
Barb Spado