Monday, June 30, 2008

Why Won't J.B. Van Hollen Accept Responsibility?

Simple answer: Because he's a ReThug. The Cap Times has the story.
Someone had better inform Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen that his job entails more than making plans to attend the Republican National Convention this summer.

The attorney general, whose office has been bogged down for weeks with an apparently serious discussion of whether Van Hollen needs to be protected by Wisconsin law enforcement officers when he attends the party shindig in St. Paul, has gotten so lost in the details of his social schedule that he is failing to manage his office.

My emphasis.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps some of our NRA friends can explain why JB needs a personal guard in a concealed carry state. And maybe our local Republican leaders from Freeloader Hall can explain why the taxpayers must foot the bill for security at a function outside the scope of JB's duties.

Could it be that our boy is a closet socialist?