Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey, Listen

There's a guy in a small town near where the Creek's live who believes that the moon landing was all done in the southern CA desert. Also, another guy from the same town claimed for years to be crossbreeding pheasants & chickens. The worst part of that deal is that every time this came up, a chicken/pheasant expert from the UW-Madison would make the trip up north to debunk the egg/pheasant theory. Although, if he/she was a loyal Democrat, there may have been another reason to travel north, something about martinis or something. Given that, I'm not sure I can believe this debunking.
...we don’t need to worry about a mini black hole eating the planet.
Yeah, sure. They also said a stupid, coke head with a legacy degree from Yale would never be elected President. That sure worked out great for us, didn't it. Via The Raw Story.

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