Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here We Go Again

I am so tired of crap like this. Let's blame those of us who need the most help for denying those of us who need little help. The gist of this report ought to be that the federal, state, & local governements have made conscious decisions not to fully fund education. In other words, as the stooopidest President ever like to say, we got students who needs to learn, but we got no teachers to teach them their love. The ReThugs set out to divide the public's needs into competing groups who wind up fighting each other, rather than the ReThugs who pulled the strings for the fighting from behind some sort of curtain, only they weren't as lovable as the Wizard of Oz. There is more than enough money to hire the teachers to teach the best & the brightest, there just is not a public desire to hire & pay them. The ReThugs have made pubilc education an enemy of the people, rather than the liberating force it once was. This is one very important reason that we will welcome a President Obama administration next January. We will begin to see how a compassionate nation actually sows compassion. Any study whose conclusion claims that Special Education students are denying education to the brightest students is bullshit on its face. It's also another sign of how journalism has become a shill to the upper class in America, yes, I said upper class, because this is a class society now, something it has been for my lifetime & something I have fought against my entire life.

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