Friday, June 20, 2008

About Right

No matter how much the right wing cheerleads for Bu$hCo's failed policies, the American people continue to see through the bullshit. Now, if only the spineless Democratic Party officials would take the courage of the American people to heart. Again, we need to remind the Democrats that their is an important reason why we have spines.
The number of Americans who believe the country is moving in the wrong direction has risen sharply, to nearly eight in ten, amid soaring food and gas prices, falling home values and unending war. Just 17 percent say the country is going in the right direction, according to an AP-Ipsos poll.
I do believe I have exceeded the stooopid AP's self-made law about attribution, eh? I say, so what? & who cares? See, loyal four readers, I'll risk the wrath of the stooopid AP to bring you the news. Maybe they'll throw me in jail. At least I'll get relatively free medical care.

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