Thursday, June 05, 2008

Government Sucks

I've always been a believer in the power for good that is a government's reason for existence. We need roads, schools, a really good single payer health care system, clean water, clean air, etc. etc. But sometimes I have to agree with the ReThugs, government doesn't use you money wisely, as in the case of the salary of one Mr. Paulinson, who, by reason of an advanced educmacation of some kind, has determined that FEMA will no longer provide ice to the victims of hurricanes. I have never experienced a hurricane, but once a tornado was reported to have touched down over in Sec. 14, but, seriously, WTF? A NOLA blog, Suspect Device, has answers. Here's the best one, IMHO.
Ice, Mr. Paulinson, is what we put the bodies on.

My emphasis.

Up here in Northern Wisco, like other places north of the 45th parallel, we used to get our summer ice this way. The ice, thick cork insulation, & lots of sawdust.

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