Sunday, April 13, 2008

Talking With Sen. Obama, Bird Hunting With Sen, Clinton

I just posted this comment over at Sadly, No! I like it so much I'm posting it here as well. It's my blog & I'll post if I want to.

You’re, well, right. But Sen. Clinton knows how to use a gun, she said so, watch your back, buster. Those of us who actually live in small towns or rural areas see that the poor didn’t go away when welfare as we know it went away. They just sunk a little more out of sight. I agree that Obama is a centrist, not my cup of orange juice, needless to say, but he actually trusted the American public to understand just how they have been manipulated by successive ReThug administrations & Congresses. I understand perfectly well what he is talking about, I see it every day in the small town I visit for coffee, oh damn, I just identified myself as a, regular person, at least according the to wealthy, gated community types who criticized Obama’s talk. Every small attempt, let’s see, to improve pedestrian & bicyclist access to The Big Lake up here is seen as some sort of Communist attempt to take land from a holy entrepreneur who has a “some day, maybe plan". It’s no different here than in PA. I came to the conclusion that people will respond to leadership that doesn’t bullshit them. Crap, I suppose I better watch my back too, given Sen. Clinton’s hunting skills. Why does she even bring shit like that up? Given that she doesn’t hunt every goddamn day during ruffed grouse/woodcock season, I wouldn’t want to be hunting next to her no matter how much ten-mile orange she was wearing.

[Added for this blog.] Full disclosure: I didn't hunt every day during bird season for the last couple of years, but just to prove that I'm even more of a regular guy, I have hunted every day in year's past. The not hunting as much recently probably relates to my excess 40 pounds.

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