Sunday, April 13, 2008

Go Do Something

Loyal four readers, once again I must lean on you to go do something. Again, my friends, don't let the requirement that you give your address & phone number dissuade you from this important do something. The letter is going to your Senators, & they all require that specific info, including the really stupid 9 number Zip Code. Just go find it & save it in a folder on your desktop, that's what I do. & if you have done the last do something I implored you to do, it will probably automatically pop up when you go to type it in. If our children & grandchildren & great-grandchildren, or just the damn neighbor kids who keep running across your lawn, are to have some sort of decent future, we need to make Bu$hCo accountable. His absolutely casual admission of OKing torture stunned even the uber-cynical billycreek. It's right up there with Dick "Dick" Cheney's "So?" Go do something. The link is via the always good Crooks & Liars.

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