Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Go Do Something, Do It A Little Bit More

If you know what I mean, oh sorry, got sidetracked a bit. I now see that me loyal four readers did indeed go hen asked. So far over 80,000 folks have joined the effort. I now ask you to get your neighbors to do something as well. Maybe your mailman, your co-workers, your dog groomer, the guy who gives you the finger while you protest for peace. Thanks in advance, y'all. This makes me feel good, a little, anyway. You need to go here to fill out the form & get your letter emailed. Do this. It is so important. Bu$hCo & his minions need to be held accountable. We, as a country, need this sort of reconciliation. Get your lazy, recliner bound husband to do it, hell, if the loser won't do it, just fill in the info & put his name on it. The karma may not do him any good, but it will do a lot for you.


A boy can dream, can't he?

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