Saturday, April 19, 2008

If We Elect Sen. Clinton

We are going to get another President who blames everyone else when things go south. Put another way, Sen. Clinton refuses to hold herself accountable for anything. We don't need more of that.
The disturbing trend we've seen as Clinton and her team saw her fortunes fritter away at the polls, has been to blame losses on various constituencies, demographics in whole states, the caucus system -- everything except the fact that she couldn't make the sale in those primaries.

It's almost a pathological level of denial -- she's not winning the popular vote, number of states won, the delegate count or in the money race at this point. Her campaign blew the huge war chest on the high life, based on the premise that she wouldn't have to stay in the race beyond Super Tuesday.

The netroots didn't do that to her.

My emphasis.

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Anonymous said...

Say what you like, but the girl knows how to tell a war story.