Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Elizabeth Edwards Responds To McLiar

John McCain claims Elizabeth Edwards took a cheap shot against him by correcting pointing out that he has had government health care his whole life, his father was an admiral, he was a Navy pilot, he's been a politician. Here is part of her response. Man, I wish John Edwards was still in the race.
Sen. McCain noted that he was not receiving government health care for the six years he was in captivity. That is true. But it has nothing to do with my point — which is that the problem with Sen. McCain’s health care plan is not how it affects us –- but how it affects the tens of millions of Americans with preexisting conditions who, unlike Sen. McCain and myself, do not have the resources to pay for quality health care.

That is not a cheap shot, it is a potentially life and death question for tens of million of Americans. And it is a question Sen. McCain must address.

& remember, he will continue to receive government health care until he dies, unlike most of us.

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