Thursday, September 06, 2007

Trouble Ahead

I suppose I'll be labeled an anti-Semite for linking to this report, but the accusation will not be true. lsrael is not different from other countries, it ought to defend itself. This defense, however, cannot be open-ended & without consequence. Killing people never accomplishes what a country thinks it will, & killing people indiscriminately only coarsens not only Israel, but the entire world, as well.
In its harshest condemnation of Israel since last year’s war, Human Rights Watch charged that most of the Lebanese civilian casualties came from “indiscriminate Israeli airstrikes,” according to a report released today.

In a statement issued before the report’s release, Human Rights Watch said there was no basis to the Israeli claim that civilian casualties resulted from Hezbollah guerrillas using civilians as shields. Israel has said it attacked civilian areas because Hezbollah set up rocket launchers in villages and towns.

More than 1,000 Lebanese were killed in the 34-day conflict last summer, which began after Hezbollah staged a cross-border raid, killing three Israeli soldiers and capturing two others. They are still being held.

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