Tuesday, September 18, 2007

OK, This Sounds Like A Plan

ntodd has a plan. Man, the boy has the energy & the commitment to end this stupid war against nothing. The best part of the plan is that you don't have to drive to Washington, D.C., it's a Bourgeois Town, after all.
Home of the brave, land of the free
I don't wanna be mistreated by no bourgeoisie
Lord, in a bourgeois town
Uhm, the bourgeois town
I got the bourgeois blues
Gonna spread the news all around
More from ntodd-
* Wear and distribute black ribbons and armbands
* Buy no gas on Moratorium days
* Pressure politicians and the media
* Hold vigils, pickets, rallies, and teach-ins
* Hold special religious services
* Coordinate events in music, art, and culture
* Host film showings, talks, and educational events
* Organize student actions: Teach-ins, school closings, etc.

Via Not Atrios.

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