Friday, September 21, 2007

DFHs Correct Again

Via Wolcott, we get this truth-telling post.
Bite me. In a "very overt" kind of way.

First off, withdrawing the troops would be a rejection of Bush's leadership, and the GOP's leadership, and neither has "earned" anything except the disgust and hatred of the vast majority of the American people. Second, "we must not ever hurt the General's feelings!" as a rationale for anything is puerile and idiotic and a load of shit. General Petreaus is not our leader, and this is not his war. Nobody voted for him. And nobody's going to vote for anyone who wants to cower behind his uniform, either.

Americans apparently know basic civics a doucheload better than Senator Graham, and his party is going to learn this in 2008.

My emphasis.

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