Sunday, September 23, 2007

Elephant Appreciation Day, Yesterday, Damnit

I kid you not. I had cut out a whole bunch of elephant puzzles for the lovely & darling Twins, but they were up here visiting so I had no time to finish them. You know, this grandfather thing is exhausting, what with carrying them around the house, showing them off at The Black Cat Coffeehouse (yes, no WiFi yet, crap), the bakery, the local food coop, the only high school in town & the vet's office. The problem with elephants, as the wise & good-looking Dave at the recycling center said, "I've sort of lost my enthusiasm for elephants." He is a great Democrat, married to a great Democrat, & father to three great Democrats. Now y'all will understand. So, to celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day, albeit a day late, Mrs. coldH2O & I, along with The Twins & their manservant, the Son-in-Law & their Stenographer, The Kid, have send out 44 postcards to the spineless, gutless Democratic senators who voted to condemn MoveOn's truthful ad concerning Gen. Betray-us. We also sent in $22 apiece in your dishonor. The Mrs. & I are particularly disheartened by our Sen. Kohl's vote, & The Kid & The Son-in-Law, as well as The Twins are pissed about their Sen. Klobuchar's vote. You, my loyal four readers ought to do the same. You can go to The Dave Blog & download the postcard for printing. As usual, my admonition is accompanied by the obvious tenet that it will make you feel good.

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