Monday, August 27, 2007

The Gay In The Airport Terminal Bathroom

I'm with Atrios in that why don't these closeted gay ReThugs just come the hell out of the closet? Why conform to the worst of the stereotypes that the right wing throws at gay & lesbian citizens? When people in power aren't comfortable in their skins, the whole country suffers. When will this guy grow up & just be an admitted self-hating gay man?
Craig said in a statement issued by his office that he was not involved in any inappropriate conduct.

"At the time of this incident, I complained to the police that they were misconstruing my actions," he said. "I should have had the advice of counsel in resolving this matter. In hindsight, I should not have pled guilty. I was trying to handle this matter myself quickly and expeditiously."
& if you believe that bullshit, well, I have lots of stuff to sell.

Poor Larry, it appears the Mormon has abandoned him. I thought the sacred underwear meant never having to say you're not good enough to endorse me. Go figure.

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Anonymous said...

Talk about smokin' in the boys room.