Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys

Via Nowegianity. I just started reading this blog again, after prodding from RLK & the fact that The Twins now live in MN. You should go read both blogs as well.
Midwestern freeways are notorious for their poor design. I-95 halts every single weekday thanks to a slightly too sharp bend where St. Paul meets Minneapolis, and every day about 3 p.m. traffic grinds to a halt as too many cars tap their brakes in the same spot. So it's not like Midwestern states' DOTs have the greatest track record, but still — this is being handled badly. MnDot has NEVER understood where to place signs and you never know if a sign means "down the road a ways" or "NOW!"

This is a hard time being made harder thanks to an overburdened state agency that's been starved for funding and confused by zealously cheap political administrators.

Welcome to the next ten years of our lives as we struggle to get past our neglected infrastructure courtesy of frightened shitheads who freak out at the mention of a penny tax on anything, but then vote in creeps who shovel out the money for illegal wars and corporate giveaways.

When the rich have ALL the money, everyone else suffers, even if they're not broke. Personally, given his vast fortune, I think Carl Pohlad should pick up the tab for the new I-35 bridge, or at least pay as much of the bill as Hennepin County residents are picking up for his baseball stadium.

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