Friday, August 24, 2007

Jim Hoagland Says Something Intelligent

& we must be supportive of his new awareness.
Desperate presidents resort to desperate rhetoric -- which then calls new attention to their desperation. President Bush joined the club this week by citing the U.S. failure in Vietnam to justify staying on in Iraq.
That is, the administration has constantly shifted its goals in Iraq to avoid accepting failure and blame -- only to see the new goals drift beyond reach each time. Liberation of Iraqis became occupation by Americans, democracy became an unattainable centralized "national unity" government and this year's military surge has become a device for achieving political reconciliation among people who do not want to reconcile.
Such maneuvering is ultimately self-defeating, as was Bush's desperate bid this week to mobilize on his side the old resentments and fears of the political battles fought over Vietnam. Bush's speech fits Talleyrand's definition of something worse than a crime: It was a blunder.
Hoagland takes a gratuitous shot at Bill Clinton, as well. What Mr. Hoagland can't understand is that Clinton's sex life is way different than Richard Nixon's crimes & Bu$hCo's destruction of the Constitution. I must, however, praise Hoagland's finally coming to see what many of us saw years ago.

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