Friday, August 10, 2007


I had my 40th high school class reunion a week ago, & about all I can say is that the gin was good. I also spent some time bitching about the DJ & all that old music, with the glorious exception of Bob Dylan's Just Like A Woman. As far as much of the old music I have two things to say: Wear a seatbelt & get a room. It's just as Bono sang in God Part II-
I don't believe in the '60s
In the golden age of pop
You glorify the past
When the future dries up
I heard a singer on the radio
Late last night
Says he's gonna kick the darkness
Till it bleeds daylight
I believe in love

In the wild way the brain works, I remember the lyrics to be "I don't believe the '60s/Were the golden age of pop", much like the famous Blind Douche lyric - there are all kinds of great musicians right now & I was wishing the DJ would have actually played some Kanye West or Shemekia Copeland or Professor Longhair or Rory Block. Oh, & enjoy this, please.

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Anonymous said...

Don't remember much about the drugs, but the sex and rock and roll was great!!!