Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Trouble With Loving Fast Cars

Three more people have died after a drag-racing car went out of control and careened into a crowd of spectators, raising the death toll to seven, state officials said Sunday.

The crash occurred Saturday night during an "exhibition burnout" - when a driver spins his tires to make them heat up and smoke - at the Cars for Kids charity event in Selmer, located about 80 miles east of Memphis.


Witness Garett Moore said he was about to walk across the highway, thinking the show was over, when he saw the dragster racing toward him. He was about 15 feet from the wreck but was uninjured.

"It ain't really safe to do anything with drag cars on a city street," Moore said.

Selmer Police Chief Neal Burks said "bodies were flying into the air when it happened."

"I saw body parts flying everywhere," said witness Sean Hood.

About all I can say about this is Doh!

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