Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bee News

Via Raw Story we get this report on the mysterious disappearance of bees across the country. We've had speculation that it was cell phones, non-organic farming practices, a mite, or, I suppose, magic. Here's another idea to add to the mix.

The dead bees under Dennis VanEngelsdorp's microscope were like none he had ever seen before.

He had expected to see mites or amoebas, perennial pests of bees. Instead, he found internal organs swollen with debris and strangely blackened. The bees' intestinal tracts were scarred, and their rectums were abnormally full of what appeared to be partly digested pollen. Dark marks on the sting glands were telltale signs of infection.

"The more you looked, the more you found," said VanEngelsdorp, acting apiarist for the state of Pennsylvania. "Each thing was a surprise."

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oceansmiles said...

This is so interesting... glad you came back in 1967 from the time-out- that made me laugh! Nice blog!