Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How's This Iraq Democracy Thing Working Out For You, Bu$hCo?

Hooray, we've made them number two in the world.

Last year US-occupied Iraq was ranked fourth in the Failed States Index produced by America's Foreign Policy magazine and the Fund for Peace. Now, in the 2007 Failed States Index released on Monday, Iraq has emerged as the world's second most unstable country, behind Sudan, giving the lie to the Bush administration's oft-repeated assertion that conditions in Iraq are improving.

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Good work neo-cons. You must be very proud.

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1 comment:

Craig Lowery said...

The Neocons achieved EXACTLY what they set out to do. Of course, they didn't tell US what they intended to do. For one thing, they took the public's attention off the fact that trillions of dollars were "missing" from the Pentagon just prior to 9/11. Since that date, a few corporations, the "military-industrial complex"(the Neocons' real "constituency") have fattened their coffers with trillions more "fighting the "War on Terror". Don't expect any help from your "newly empowered" Democrats. The axiom that "scum rises to the top" is a bipartisan principle.