Friday, April 20, 2007

More Wisco Shame

As all four of my loyal readers already know, Wisco has been implicated in the US Attorney scandal. The US Attorney, Steve Biskupic, who brought a corruption indictment against Ms. Thompson, a civil servant & won a conviction had his ass handed to by a three judge panel - they heard testimony in the morning & then at 1 p.m. dropped the conviction of the civil servant because of what the panel said was "beyond thin evidence." Well, today he had his balls handed to him as well. I'll bet he's a sorry sight in the shower.

Today, the court released (pdf) its written opinion on the case. And it wasn't any more sparing than the verbal remarks (e.g. that the evidence was "beyond thin") of the judges when they made the ruling.

The prosecution was based on a reading of the law by which "simple violations of administrative rules [by bureaucrats] would become crimes," the judges wrote. By that interpretation, "it is a federal crime for any official in state or local government to take account of political considerations when deciding how to spend public money" -- a "preposterous" idea, they wrote.

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