Thursday, April 19, 2007

Freedom Of The Press

NOT! Mr.Froomkin hits one out of the park. The most disturbing quote is when Cooper compares himself to Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela? Jesus Fucking Christ. How can a reporter, a reporter who helped Bu$hCo out a CIA employee, an employee, BTW, who was working on WMD, a reporter who knew the lies & did not report on those lies, compare himself to Nelson Mandela?

Former Time reporter Matthew Cooper writes in his new magazine about his own personal travails as a witness in the Scooter Libby case.

He evidently sees himself as quite the martyr. (At one point, describing his thinking about the possibility of going to jail to protect sources Libby and Rove, he writes: "I could do the full Mandela.")

Cooper describes all sorts of tensions involved in being a celebrity reporter for a corporate behemoth, caught between a special prosecutor and promises of confidentiality to top presidential aides.

But he doesn't seem to have been the least bit troubled by his failure to do his job -- if you consider the job of a journalist to inform the public, or at the very least not willfully misinform the public.

There is no sense in this piece that Cooper ever felt the urge to report his way out of his bind -- and find some way to tell the public what really happened. By contrast, in this October 2003 story, for instance, his magazine reported: "White House spokesman Scott McClellan said accusations of Rove's peddling information are 'ridiculous.' Says McClellan: 'There is simply no truth to that suggestion.'"

Cooper (along with at least two of his fellow contributors to that story) knew that to be an utter falsehood. But they printed it anyway, without any context or -- as far as I know -- any qualms.

My emphasis.

This was Nelson Mandela's cell in the infamous Robben Island prison.

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This ought to be Mr. Cooper's cell, if there is any supernatural justice.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Not much posting about the recent unpleasantness at Virginia Tech involving an English Major.

coldH2O said...

I am a proud English Major. You know, they claim that English Departments are the last bastion of left thinking people in academia? Thought so.