Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bought & Paid For Justice

Wisco's newly elected Supreme Court Justice apparently does have ethics problems. This is what happens when extreme right wing groups like the WMC are allowed to dump millions of dollars into electoral politics. The WMC has absolutely no interest in what benefits the state at large - schools, children, the environment, workers rights. It only cares about the elite, wealthy owners of business concerns. Ziegler's ethics problems are no surprise to anyone who followed the recent election, but the WMC & the huge amount of money they dumped into the election, were able to cover this up. Wisco is going to be much, much poorer for this.

The state Ethics Board filed a complaint Wednesday against Supreme Court Justice-elect Annette Ziegler, saying she improperly decided five cases as a Washington County circuit judge that involved the bank for which her husband is a director.

The complaint came just two days before the state Judicial Commission will decide whether to investigate those cases, as well as ones involving companies in which she owned more than $50,000 in stock.

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