Sunday, December 03, 2006

Water, Water, Everywhere

Lake Superior drying up? Well, not exactly, but this trend is worrisome.

Lake Superior has dropped nearly a foot this year to its lowest late-autumn water level in eight decades, a startling decline that is raising worries about shipping, shorelines and fish populations.
Long-term lower levels on Lake Superior, as on any lake, would be a problem for shorelines, where vegetation might change and then be disrupted by a quick rise, and where people might be tempted to build new structures, Johnson said. She and others said that wetlands, like those along the south shore, would lose water, reducing habitat for wildlife and underwater organisms, and eliminating the water-filtration role that wetlands play.


Shutterwi said...

OK northlanders so what is this major pipeline project that is being staged south of Hayward WI on Hwy 63?

Based on the massive size of the staged equipment they're planning on moving large amounts of something through the pipe they are installing.

Gas? Oil? Water?

By the way the equipment appears to belong to a Texas based business.

coldH2O said...

It must be this pipeline:

Somebody want to do a bit more research?

Shutterwi said...

coldh2o appears to be right.

A little more digging turned up this route map

Enbridge route map

Anonymous said...

need fuel for those dual wheel commuter vehicles.

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