Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nothing Is Ever Learned

This is what makes me sick about America. & the 50 years? How about 500 years of racist activity? These bastard ReThugs think lower taxes are the only thing worth acting upon. Sick.

But Teddy Gordon, the attorney for a white woman whose 5-year-old son was assigned to a more distant Louisville school rather than his neighborhood school, said the district's program was "nothing more than a hard-core, mechanized quota.''

The Bush administration agrees. In papers filed with the court, Solicitor General Paul Clement outlined the administration's position: A district can assign students by race when necessary to make up for its own intentional discrimination, but not to integrate schools that were never deliberately segregated.

Let me see, a school in the south that was "never deliberately segregated."? Don't make me laugh. &, of course, Bu$hCo agrees.

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