Friday, December 01, 2006

Look Out Bu$hCo

The oversight begins. Things are looking up for America. Speaker-elect Pelosi scores big on this selection.

But Mrs. Pelosi chose him over Ms. Harman in part because he has repeatedly taken a more combative stance toward Bush administration policies like the invasion of Iraq, military tribunals for terrorist suspects, and the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program.

Mr. Reyes voted against authorizing President Bush to go to war with Iraq, and in June he said that the failures in Iraq “cry out for oversight.”

In September, Mr. Reyes blasted the White House’s justifications for the National Security Agency wiretapping program.

“I take very seriously our obligation to provide the president with the tools that he needs to provide for national security,” he said, “but I also reject the notion that the authorization for use of military force allows the president to ignore the Fourth Amendment and conduct warrantless surveillance on American citizens.”

Oh, & by the way, Harman is no "centrist". In fact, she's barely a Democrat. This whole centrist/moderate meme is just another ReThug attempt to make the Democratic Party cower in the corner. Speaker-elect Pelosi's excellent choice for chair of the House Intelligence Committee is proof that we have a Speaker-elect with a backbone.


Anonymous said...

Harman also has very bad hair.

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