Wednesday, December 06, 2006


While Iraq will go down as the most lethal blunder in the history of America's foreign policy, the utter abandonment of our infrastructure will rank as the most lethal domestic policy blunders. This is not entirely Bu$hCo's fault, but a short look at Katrina's aftermath will leave no doubt about the direction of America's compassion. Here is a story that ought to outrage the American people, as well as the new Democratic majorities in Congress. There is no excuse in the 21st century for this to happen. It is no longer about customer service & customer safety, if not life, but all about shareholder value. Why won't the people who have the ability fix it? What's wrong with America?

''The perception out there is no one else is having this many power outages,'' Davis said. ''The perception out there is maybe you guys have spent a little too much time on Wall Street and not enough time worrying about Main Street.''

Sixteen deaths in Missouri and Illinois have been blamed on the storm and its aftermath. At least a half-dozen storm-related deaths were reported in other states.

More on Ameren officers, i.e., how to contact them here. & here's another storm that Ameren had problems with. Hmmm. Today Ameren's stock price as of 12:07 p.m. EST is $54.19 USD. On July 19, 2006 the price was $50.00 plus change USD. Here's the stock for this year:

Apparently, Wall Street doesn't give a damn about how this company takes care of its customers, in fact, 19 dead people (updated toll) no longer have to worry about Ameren's crappy service or how much Wall Street loves death.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting my friendly, local power company. I was without power for 5 days over the summer (along with about half of the city--~1 million people in all), but thankfully didn't lose power after the ice storm (unfortunately 1/2 million people did). It is so comforting to see that providing reliable service isn't necessary for continued stock profits. I am sure it is warming the hearts of all those still without power (about 100,000 people were still without power this afternoon). And we can all look forward to a 10% rate increase that is on the verge of being approved. Hurry and buy your stock now!!!