Saturday, December 09, 2006


Via Atrios we get another glimpse of how deluded Bu$hCo has become.

Durbin said he challenged Bush's analogy, reminding him that Truman had the NATO alliance behind him and negotiated with his enemies at the United Nations. Durbin said that's what the Iraq Study Group is recommending that Bush do now — work more with allies and negotiate with adversaries on Iraq.

Bush, Durbin said, "reacted very strongly. He got very animated in his response" and emphasized that he is "the commander in chief."


Anonymous said...

He thinks holding the title makes it so. IDIOT

Most of the ground forces in Iraq are being let by superiors that care for their charges. Fight and die along side. Respect and care for their safety. Their men call them Sarg, Lt or Captain.

This idiot in the White House wearing the Mattel flight suit has never realized they pin the rank on your shoulder YOU have to earn the respect to be call Sarg. Lt. Captain or IDIOT in Chief.

When he had the chance to be a military man in the 60's he cut and ran

Anonymous said...

I'll go along with that. Bush, Cheney and a whole lot of others is DC could benefit from some quality time with field pack and a rifle.