Sunday, May 01, 2005

Yeah, That's the Ticket

My house as an investment. Sure, I'll work all my life fixing up my house to where I like it, & then, sell it & move into a smaller house because I don't want to mow the lawn? WTF? How stupid does Sen. Allen think we are? & he's being touted as a Presidental candidate? I guess things are looking up in 2008.
Eschaton: "Another Great Meet the Press Moment

From Senator Allen (R-VA):

And moreover, in the event that a personal savings account approach is taken, allowing them to invest in a home in addition to right now it's stocks, bonds and other financial instruments, if people can invest in their own home, they'll know it. They'll understand it. They'll take care of it. And they'll enjoy it and they don't have to worry about mergers and acquisitions and scandals and market share. And by the time they retire, they're going to have a pretty good nest egg there and they don't need as big a house, usually, because they don't want to be cutting grass and trimming hedges, and that is good for the economy as well.

-Atrios 1:25 PM

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