Thursday, May 12, 2005

Who Controls the City?

I applaud the Daily Press for publishing this excellent article in yesterday's edition of the paper. I hope they continue this line of investigative reporting. The community needs to cleanse itself of the kind of thuggery suggested in the article. So far, I have been unable to convince anyone in law enforcement in Ashland County that a crime may have been committed. The one caveat to that statement is that I am awaiting a return call from Sheriff Kovach. I would urge all of you who are truly concerned about this issue to call the District Attorney, the Ashland Police Department, & the Ashland County Sheriff's Department to express your concern about the possibility of a crime being committed, as described in the article. This needs to stop & it needs to be stopped. It may be time to organize. As a final few questions: What was the city administrator thinking when he hung up the phone? Why didn't he immediately call the city attorney, Scott Clark or the District Attorney, Sean Duffy? Why didn't he immediately put the call on the city council's agenda? Will he be disciplined? Is he polishing his resume? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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Anonymous said...

The question of why city administrator David Frasher didn't call the city attorney or DA, I think, may be easily answered: It is no secret that Frasher and Fred Schnook have had major disagreements themselves and that they "don't get along", as I remember reading in the daily Press some months ago. It is probably safe to assume that Frasher doesn't like Schnook at all. Follow this line of reasoning, and it is probably safe to speculate that Frasher knew his inaction would impact Schnook in a negative way. Accessory to the crime? Perhaps. But it is certain that Frasher's inaction on this count is negatively impacting the City of Ashland and therefore its citizens.